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 Multi-Channel Temperature Transmitter Delivers Low Cost Per Point Measurements
NORTH HILLS, CA—The TCS Temperature Concentrator System from Moore Industries substantially reduces the cost of transmitting multiple temperature sensor measurements by concentrating up to 32 signals onto a single twisted wire pair. The system provides a precision measurement at less than 25 percent the cost of using comparable stand-alone smart temperature transmitters.
NORTH HILLS,CA---AG亚游直营工業國際公司產品TCS溫度采集係統,通過一對雙絞線可以”采集”高達32點的溫度測量信號從而充分降低了多回路溫度點測量的變送成本。從而可以在保證相同測量精度的前提下比使用獨立的智能溫度變送器降低了25%的成本。
The TCS accepts any combination of RTD, T/C, mV and resistance/potentiometer signal inputs, converts the inputs to the HART digital communications protocol, and transmits the data long distances from the field to the control room on an economical HART digital data link over a twisted wire pair. All process, status and diagnostic information can then be accessed by a HART-based control system. 
“As we all know, manufacturing companies are continuously looking to reduce costs. To do this, some are moving away from stand-alone transmitters to lower cost per point temperature bricks,” says Tina Lockhart, Moore Industries’ Director of Engineering.
“Saving real estate also equates to reduced overall costs. At less than 5 inches wide, each
of our TCS modules will handle 16 measurements in a fraction of the space required by
stand-alone transmitters.”
量少用獨立的變送器。”MOORE 工程主管Lockhart 說,“節省空間也相當於減少了總成
本。不到5 英寸寬的TCS 模塊能夠接受16 路的測量信號。”
In addition to savings realized in instrument and space costs, the TCS uses
HART--or MODBUS RTU with a converter module--for communication from the field to the
control room. One twisted wire pair replaces expensive dedicated wires. The TCS, being a
loop-powered device, eliminates the need to send power wiring out to the field as well.
除了能夠實現減少儀表的安裝空間成本之外,TCS 還能通過HART 或者MODBUS
RTU 的轉換模塊在現場和控製室進行通訊。一對雙絞線代替了昂貴的專業電纜,同時TCS
Using HART, maintenance personnel can access programming and status information for
each TCS channel from the control room, or from any termination point using a standard
HART hand-held communicator. There’s no need to send someone to remote sites.
通過HART,維修人員可以在控製室訪問TCS 的每一通道的地址及狀態信息,或從任何
終端點使用標準的HART 手操器進行通訊同時沒有必要派人到遠程站點。
“In developing the TCS, our greatest challenge was to provide our customers with
the cost savings they want, yet still maintain the full functionality and exceptional product
performance they expect from a Moore Industries temperature transmitter,” Lockhart
“在 TCS 的發展過程中,我們最大的挑戰是提供給我們的客戶最大的成本節約,同
時保持MOORE 工業溫度變送器最大的性能以及優越的產品質量。”Lockhart 補充道。
When used with the optional HMC HART-to- MODBUS Converter, the HMC
transmits the HART data as a MODBUS RTU signal, which interfaces with any MODBUS
RTU-based PC, PLC or control system.
當使用HMC 信號轉換模塊選項時,HMC 能夠把HART 信號轉換為MODBUS RTU
信號從而被具有MODBUS RTU 信號接口的PC、PLC 或者控製係統接收。
Substantially Reduces Hardware, Wire, and Installation Costs. The TCS eliminates
the need to install a dedicated transmitter and twisted wire pair (or expensive sensor
extension wires) for each measurement.
充分降低硬件、電纜及安裝成本 TCS 無需為每個測量點配置專門的變送器和雙絞線
Universal Input Options. The TCS can be set to accept RTD (2-, 3-, 4-wire; Pt, Cu,
Ni); thermocouple (J, K, E, T, R, S, N, B, C); resistance/ potentiometer (0-4000 ohms);
and millivolt (-50 to 1000mV) inputs. By using Moore Industries’ free Intelligent PC
Configuration Software, custom input linearization can be defined for any input.
通用的輸入選項 TCS 能夠接受RTD(2-、3-、4 線;Pt、Cu、Ni);熱電偶(J、
K、E、T、R、S、N、B、C);電阻(0-4000 歐姆);毫伏(-50-1000mV)信號輸入。
通過MOORE 的免費的編程軟件,客戶可以自定義線性化信號輸入。
HART and MODBUS RTU Communications. These standard communication protocols allow easy interface to a wide range of DCS, PLC and computer-based networks.
HART和MODBUS RTU通訊標準的通訊協議為其提供了與DCS、PLC以及基於計算機網絡的通訊接口。
Fault Alarms. The HMC can be programmed via the PC software to provide two relay outputs. The relays can be set to send a master alarm when the HMC detects one, any, or all of the following fault conditions within the system: No HART signal; broken wire; hardware error; bad configuration; input saturated; and input out of table range. The alarms can be set with a time delay, which specifies how long the alarm condition needs to exist before the alarm trips. Failsafe and Non-Failsafe alarm action is also configurable.
故障報警 HMC能夠通過PC編程軟件設置兩路繼電器輸出。繼電器能夠輸出一路主報警當HMC檢測到任何係統內故障時,比如:無HART信號、斷線、硬件錯誤、錯誤的配置、輸入低量程或者輸入超量程。該報警可以設置時間延遲,也就是說可以設置故障延遲多少時間才真正報警。故障安全和非故障安全報警模式也可配置。
Versatile Programming. TCS operating parameters can be configured from any HART-based system or, using a standard HART hand-held, from anywhere along the twisted wire pair. The TCS can also be configured using Moore Industries’ free Intelligent PC Configuration Software.
靈活的編程模式 TCS的操作參數可以通過HART係統、HART手操器在任何位置通過一對雙絞線進行配置,當然可以通過MOORE公司提供的免費的編程軟件完成上述配置。